• Board of Education and Publication Ministries

    The Board of Education and Publication uses the media of print and music to promote, encourage, and defend the Reformed faith and testimony of the denomination.

  • Graduate Study Committee Ministries

    The Graduate Study Committee prioritizes and funds requests for financial aid to support the graduate study of selected members of the denomination.

  • The Board of Pension Trustees Ministries

    The Board of Pension Trustees’ function is to glorify God as a servant of the denomination to fulfill its ministries in providing deferred compensation for its workers. Toward that end, the Pension Trustees are responsible for the development and supervision of the pension programs of the denomination.

  • The Interchurch Committee Ministries

    The Interchurch Committee initiates and develops relations with other denominations that have the same basic doctrinal positions, based upon the Reformed faith and the inerrancy of Scripture. The committee corresponds and converses with such bodies with a view towards greater understanding and cooperation.

  • Theological Students Under Care Ministries